New Roblox Game

2014-03-02 19:48:40 by Waity100

I Made A New Roblox Game, And It Is Called "Heros Of Robloxia RPG", Here Is The Link:

And Here Is The Image (From The BETA):4803278_139380768242_HerosOfRobloxiaCover.png

Here Is Classic Meme 3.

2013-10-25 00:39:08 by Waity100

You All Se In My Art That I Still Haven't Made Classic Meme 3. Well Here It Is:

Here Is Classic Meme 3.

Now Starting Classic Memes! :D

2013-10-20 13:32:08 by Waity100

Classic Memes Are Starting NOW! Anyways, What Are Classic Memes? They Are Random And Funny Memes Made By Me. Here Is An Example: Classic Meme 1 And Here Is The Original Image:

Now Starting Classic Memes! :D

Somewhat Some News...

2013-10-13 10:38:49 by Waity100

Okay Guys, I May Make My Website, I Do Have An Image, But Newgrounds Wouldn't Let Me Post It.

I May STILL Use Newgrounds...

2013-09-30 22:01:05 by Waity100

I Will Use Newgrounds Still, Maybe. Not To Get Blammed. To Play Games, I Like Them. (Not All.) So Yea, Whatever.

I Am Getting Blammed.

2013-09-30 21:30:20 by Waity100

Newgrounds Blammed Me, Twice! I Am Really Mad At Newgrounds! I May Quit, And Use Scratch Again, Or I May Make My Own Website.

Hello People!

2013-09-29 20:19:42 by Waity100

I Am Waity100! I Am Random. I Don't Know What To Put.